Next week, the bioinformatics community will once again descend on Boston for the 15th annual gathering of CHI’s Bio-IT World Conference & Expo. Some 3,300 people from 40 countries will spend three days networking with customers and colleagues and learning about the latest advances in IT and informatics applications and enabling technologies that are driving biomedical research, drug discovery and clinical testing programs.

Whereas Bio-IT World serves as an annual opportunity to celebrate the many successes and milestones we’ve reached as a community, researchers are still challenged by the need for technologies that allow them to more seamlessly integrate diverse data sets with tools, technologies and workflows capable of delivering actionable information. 

The Station X team will be there in force and working out of our base of operations in the Expo Hall (Booth #134). We are looking forward to connecting with customers and collaborators and meeting researchers seeking a better way to manage and interpret their growing troves of sequence and clinical data.

Email us and we can schedule a time to talk more about your work and how GenePool can help.


Our GenePool platform was built from the ground-up on modern and secure cloud-based technologies for research on multi-omics data to provide scientists with:

  • an unparalleled user interface for interactive data visualization and biomarker discovery
  • access to well curated and annotated databases, like TCGA, GTEx and CCLE
  • an easy way to store and select genomics datasets according to sample-associated metadata for analysis
  • an automated system for performing custom and well-characterized genomics workflows
  • on demand, real-time secure data sharing with collaborators

Whether you are working in translational research, biopharmaceutical discovery or diagnostic development GenePool can help:

  • Identify key genes and variants associated with clinical outcomes
  • Identify genomic signatures of interest to assess disease risk and drug response
  • Rapidly screen patients for trial stratification
  • Address both clinical and research needs in one platform
  • Generate intelligent, interactive reports from your clinical-grade patient data