As genome sequencing becomes more ubiquitous in the research and clinical communities, the ability to efficiently store, analyze and share data and results has become a pivotal step in advancing medical science and delivering new diagnostics and therapeutics. Genome scientists need access to secure, scalable storage and specific analysis pipelines to process their data, ideally without having to move those data around. Researchers and clinicians also need to integrate their genomic data with patient-derived information and be able to analyze and visualize these in a biologically meaningful context.

From the inception of Station X, the company’s philosophy has been to focus on providing the best solutions in the downstream analysis, interpretation and reporting of clinical findings with genomics data.  By partnering with key third party providers in the genomics landscape, the company has built a partner ecosystem to provide an end-to-end solution by integrating technologies.

Station X’s GenePool is integrated with the DNAnexus platform, allowing researchers and clinicians the ability to efficiently analyze, store, and securely share data and results with colleagues. The result is a seamlessly combined workflow, from raw sequencing reads to endpoint analyses, without the need for moving data around manually.

Subscribers to Station X’s GenePool genome management and analysis platform who have stored and processed their genomics data on DNAnexus’ platform can access that data directly from within GenePool and immediately use them in further analyses. In a similar way, DNAnexus customers can now link to their own DNAnexus accounts to GenePool and immediately have access to its advanced analytics tools. For a demo or trial, please contact