As home to significant biotech hubs in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area and many of the nation’s leading academic institutions, California is uniquely positioned to lead progress in realizing the vision of precision, or personalized, medicine. At the center of the state’s efforts is the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM). Launched in April 2015 by Governor Brown, this partnership between the state, the University of California, and other public and private entities aims to help build infrastructure and stimulate cross-sector collaborations among the state’s scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs and patient participants.

As a California-based company, Station X is proud to be a contributor in the community of innovators that are developing many tools and technologies that are required to make precision medicine a reality.  With a focus on biomedical data interpretation, Station X is working with institutions and companies within California and beyond to enable diagnostic testing companies and clinicians to extract actionable insight that supports more targeted treatment decision making. 

Advances in genomic technology have resulted in large biological datasets that continue to increase in size and actionability every day. Clinicians are seeking tools that help them better understand what mutations have been found to help treat their patient’s specific disease.  In addition, they want to ask questions like, Has anyone ever seen this mutation pattern before? Are there any treatments that target this specific biomarker? Are there clinical trials for which this patient might be a match?”

Station X helps biomedical organizations answer these kinds of questions. Our GenePool™ platform is built upon a modern and secure cloud architecture that scales from single patient samples to population studies. Using GenePool, researchers and clinicians are rapidly translating genomic information for use in translational research, biopharmaceutical discovery and clinical test development.

On August 26th, 2016 at the Luskin Conference Center, Los Angeles, Tod Klinger, Station X Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder will participate in a CIAPM-sponsored roundtable where he’ll provide his perspective on the challenges and opportunities of data management and interpretation in precision medicine.