The promise of precision medicine was on full display last week  as the President played host to an audience of nearly 200 researchers, policymakers, patient advocates and company executives gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of the White House’s Precision Medicine Initiative.  

Headlining the event were the voluntary national research cohort, which aims to recruit 1 million individuals willing to share their biological and clinical data, and various pilots associated with the capture, application and protection of these data. The event was important for the prominent role data played and the solid spirit of collaboration and common good that permeated everyone’s remarks. Both are essential in getting us to the Promised Land of data-driven healthcare. John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, called it, “an all-hands-on-deck operation.”

At Station X, we are pleased to be working on solutions that simplify the management and secure sharing of biological data and help bridge the gap between basic research and clinical application.  Our GenePool platform, which is built upon a modern and secure cloud architecture, is equally at home in translational research institutions engaging in large-cohort biomarker discovery and in clinical laboratories seeking innovative solutions for analyzing patient data and producing customized reports to support diagnostic services.

Through GenePool customers access a rich set of built-in functionality alongside seamless integrations with a growing ecosystem of leading cloud-based storage, compute, and data processing technologies.  

Translational Research

  • Quickly get to meaningful insights with powerful filtering options, novel interactive visualizations and rich and up-to-date annotations
  • Identify key genes and variants associated with clinical outcomes
  • Compare one or thousands of genomes in just seconds
  • Securely share data and annotations with colleagues and collaborators

Biopharmaceutical Discovery

  • Identify genomic signatures of interest to assess disease risk and drug response
  • Rapidly screen patients for trial stratification
  • Integrate with existing LIMs and create custom workflows using the GenePool APIs
  • Secure cloud-based environment for global collaborations 

Diagnostics Laboratories

  • Address both clinical and research needs in one bioinformatics environment
  • Utilize pre-loaded workflows or customize GenePool for use with proprietary gene or variant assays and annotations
  • Generate intelligent, interactive reports from your clinical-grade patient data
  • Securely manage patient data for updated reporting and for research into aggregated information

GenePool is available as a web-based service directly from Station X. Through flexible APIs, GenePool will integrate with existing LIMS systems and leading third-party data storage and management platforms including Amazon Web Services, DNAnexus, Google Cloud Platform and Illumina BaseSpace, among others. For more information on GenePool, please visit