San Francisco, CA – May 12, 2014.  Station X is a software company based in San Francisco that has developed a technology platform called GenePool for scientists and clinicians who work with patient-oriented genomics data in both early-stage research and clinical settings. The GenePool platform is built on Amazon Web Services to help make cloud-based genomics a reality for researchers and clinicians studying DNA and RNA sequencing data generated from large cohorts of patients. The end goal of these large-scale projects is to develop the next generation of clinical diagnostics and lab tests that improve healthcare. Applications of genomic medicine are already impacting how physicians manage cancer patients, diagnose inherited genetic disorders, and assessing susceptibility of inheriting a genetic disorder. Last week, Amazon Web Services highlighted Station X as a technology partner that has brought together scalable cloud computing & storage, rich software user experience principles, and the best practices of genomics-based medicine into the hands of scientists and clinicians who otherwise face significant obstacles working with large amounts of sequencing data. 

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