SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – September 16, 2013 – Station X, Inc. today announced the availability of GenePool®, a secure, cloud-based software application for the management, analysis and communication of genomic and clinical information. Users can perform sophisticated analysis of large data sets of DNA and RNA sequence information and identify relevant biomarkers for personalized medicine. As sequence information becomes an integral part of research and clinical trials, identifying biomarkers associated with disease, patient management, and drug efficacy remains a significant bottleneck. “In order for personalized medicine to take hold, we must first understand the molecular basis of disease and drug response. GenePool provides an integrated workplace where we can have genomic information and clinical information in a single computing environment for clinical researchers to perform their own analysis” says Randy Scott, co-founder of InVitae Corporation and board member of Station X.

Once data files are uploaded, users can perform analyses of their data through GenePool’s intuitive, web-browser interface, avoiding the need to invoke command-line scripts. Analysis workflows guide the user through the steps necessary to perform analyses such as expression comparisons (e.g. tumor vs. normal, etc.) and survival analyses. Genetic analyses including paired comparison (e.g. responder vs. non-responder) and trio analyses for genetic diseases can be conducted as well. Annotation lenses enable rapid selection of candidate biomarkers based upon statistical association and biological relevance.

During the last six months, Station X successfully completed its early access program with key labs, including Genomic Health, Mt. Sinai Hospital and The National Cancer Institute’s R&D lab. “GenePool has enabled me to interact directly with my NGS data. I can quickly find, visualize and share the results of my analyses ” says Dominick Sinicropi, Staff Scientist at Genomic Health. John Martignetti, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai added, “GenePool was central to our analysis of BRCA-negative pedigrees with high incidence of breast and ovarian cancers. The interactive, logical software interface allowed our collaborative groups to move quickly from exome sequences to a refined candidate gene list. Moreover, drilling down into the alignments of each candidate, reviewing the annotations, and selecting the best candidates for further validation using GenePool was intuitive and seamless.”

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About Station X
Station X develops software products for scientists and clinicians who work with large-scale human genome information in either a research or clinical setting, enabling them to extract maximal biological meaning from complex genomic data. Our first product, GenePool for Biomarker Discovery, has been designed in conjunction with a leading molecular diagnostics company and will support clinical trials and the interpretation of comprehensive genetic test panels. Station X is also working in partnership with translational and clinical research organizations seeking to integrate next-generation sequencing data into their routine workflows. Station X can be found online at:

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