Station X, Inc. features at AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas, Nov. 29-Dec 2, 2016

The company’s cloud based platform, GenePool, for clinical genomics will be profiled in demo sessions this week in partnership with ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte.  The demo is entitled  “Generating Evidence to Accelerate the Journey Towards Precision Medicine”, and you can catch one of the demos at the ConvergeHEALTH/Deloitte booth (#823) at 2 pm on Wednesday 30th Nov and Thursday 1st Dec.  

Built upon a modern and scalable architecture, GenePool is a secure SaaS platform that makes big genomics data manageable and meaningful.  The platform supports scientists across biopharma to clinical diagnostics labs by providing workflows for individual or family genome profiling or cohort and population-scale analytics. GenePool provides clinical interpretation and clinical reporting supported with unparalleled visualization, analytics within a secure HIPAA compliant and web-based collaborative environment. Through published APIs, GenePool is also able to integrate with existing LIMS systems and leading third-party data storage and management platforms including AWS, Google Cloud, BaseSpace and several upstream secondary analysis providers. Station X continues to harness the power of the robust architecture of GenePool built upon AWS and support its customer base. A recent technical blog post on the use of AWS Lambda can be found here.

Station X has joined forces with key strategic partners in the genomics landscape, bringing valuable end-to-end solutions by integrating industry-leading technologies. At this event, ConvergeHEALTH, partnered with Station X, will showcase live demos of GenePool in a novel integrated solution:

Demo Abstract:          

In the journey towards Precision Medicine, biomedical researchers are confronted with classic big data challenges - large volumes of disparate data types in silos that require significant data wrangling and analytics development efforts before they can begin o explore their research hypotheses. We will demonstrate a cloud-based, information integration factory that delivers relevant data on demand to researchers through an easy to use, extensible analytics and visualization portal. Multiple Precision Medicine use cases will be addressed in real time.

To secure a meeting at the event or for further information, please contact

Station X Exhibits and Presents at the ASHG 2016 in Vancouver

Next week (Oct 19-21), Station X will join more than 6,500 members of the human genetics community at the 66th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) in Vancouver. ASHG is the largest human genetics meeting and exposition in the world and is a must-attend showcase for cutting-edge science in all areas of human genetics.

Station X is pleased to support the meeting this year from our base of operations in the exhibit hall (Booth #529). Our team will be meeting with customers and talking with attendees about our powerful cloud-based platform, GenePool. GenePool is the most modern and powerful genomics informatics platform for analysis, interpretation and clinical reporting – it brings an entire ecosystem of high-end data computing, storage, analytics, bioinformatics pipelines, visualizations, rich annotations, genomics assays, and phenotypic/clinical metadata to the fingertips of clinical and translational researchers.

We are also pleased to present a scientific poster in collaboration with the Clinic for Special Children (CSC) on Thursday, October 20th at 2:00pm - 3:00pm PST (PgmNr 1025/T). Erik Puffenberger, PhD, Laboratory Director, CSC highlights a validation study of whole-exome sequencing cases from the CSC, where they demonstrated the ability to efficiently identify putative causative variants using GenePool. Using the platform’s built-in analytical workflows for trio analysis and the pipelines designed for population-size cohort analyses they compared groups of affected and unaffected individuals. CSC used GenePool’s interactive visualization filters with the comprehensive library of annotations to quickly prioritize the list of potential causative variants to a small highly-relevant set and validated the results. GenePool allowed them to efficiently screen for pathogenic variants associated with autosomal recessive and de novo dominant phenotypes, as well as with more complex genetic diseases.

Rapid diagnosis is crucial to optimal patient outcomes, and GenePool is helping clinical research labs solve a critical part of this process by enabling the analysis and identification of a small set of putative pathogenic variants in a short time frame. 

To learn more about GenePool, please stop by our booth at ASHG or email us at


Partner Ecosystem

As genome sequencing becomes more ubiquitous in the research and clinical communities, the ability to efficiently store, analyze and share data and results has become a pivotal step in advancing medical science and delivering new diagnostics and therapeutics. Genome scientists need access to secure, scalable storage and specific analysis pipelines to process their data, ideally without having to move those data around. Researchers and clinicians also need to integrate their genomic data with patient-derived information and be able to analyze and visualize these in a biologically meaningful context.

From the inception of Station X, the company’s philosophy has been to focus on providing the best solutions in the downstream analysis, interpretation and reporting of clinical findings with genomics data.  By partnering with key third party providers in the genomics landscape, the company has built a partner ecosystem to provide an end-to-end solution by integrating technologies.

Station X’s GenePool is integrated with the DNAnexus platform, allowing researchers and clinicians the ability to efficiently analyze, store, and securely share data and results with colleagues. The result is a seamlessly combined workflow, from raw sequencing reads to endpoint analyses, without the need for moving data around manually.

Subscribers to Station X’s GenePool genome management and analysis platform who have stored and processed their genomics data on DNAnexus’ platform can access that data directly from within GenePool and immediately use them in further analyses. In a similar way, DNAnexus customers can now link to their own DNAnexus accounts to GenePool and immediately have access to its advanced analytics tools. For a demo or trial, please contact

Riding the Genomic Wave in San Diego

On September 20th and 21st, we will join the 1,000+ members of the life science community gathering in San Diego for the annual Festival of Genomics California (FoG).  This year’s free event will include more than 100 speakers, a live lab and a play, “DNA Dialogues, Dilemmas and Drama” – truly something for everyone.

Our base of operations will be within the Enabling Data exhibition zone (Stand 452) where we will be demonstrating our GenePool platform.   Whether you are looking at individual or family genome profiles or seeking cohort and population-scale analytics, GenePool platform provides clinical interpretation and clinical reporting supported with unparalleled visualization, analytics within a secure HIPAA compliant and web-based collaborative environment.

Through a flexible API, GenePool is also able to integrate with existing LIMS systems and leading third-party data storage and management platforms including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, DNAnexus, Seven Bridges Genomics and Illumina’s BaseSpace. We will join the DNAnexus team in their booth (Stand #444) on Tuesday, September 20th at 1:00 PM PST where Station X co-founder and CSO, Tod Klingler, will demonstrate GenePool integration with the DNAnexus.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego and please contact us if you’d like to arrange a time to meet: or would like a free trial of GenePool.