Standard Support

To provide timely response to support issues as well as a constructive resolution, Station X has established the following support guidelines. These goals are not to be interpreted as a guarantee for response and/or resolution but should serve as a guideline for Our working relationship. These guidelines shall be subject to change from time to time with reasonable advance notice to the Customer. 

Initial Contact: A Station X Support Consultant will contact you within the time specified. This initial contact is typically used to confirm receipt of the problem / incident as well as confirm that the details are well understood and any substantiating or diagnostic information is provided.

Target Response: An assessment or analysis will be provided in the time frame specified. This response typically describes the root cause of the problem / incident, if known and the resolution plan. 

Expected Customer Response Time: This is the amount of time Station X asks the Customer to commit to for answering queries, clarifying questions, or providing supporting information / diagnostic information such as files, steps to reproduce, access to the account, etc.

Incident Priority Incident / Problem Impact / Description Initial Contact Target Response Expected Customer Response Time
Urgent Critical Fault (no workaround) - Entire System has halted. The application is unavailable or unusable. No further execution possible and there are no workarounds. 1 Hour 4 Hours 1 Hour
High Major Fault (with workaround) - A portion of the system has halted, unavailable or unusable. The problem is isolated to a particular function or impacts a single user / tenant. 4 Hours 8 Hours 4 Hours
Normal Minor Fault - Feature not working as documented – fault for which there is a reasonable workaround. The fault does not affect the system in a hazardous way. 1 Day 5 Days 1 Day

All times shown are business hours / days. Station X standard business hours are 10AM to 5PM EDT. 

We track issues from the time reported to the time the issue is resolved with priority response given to the highest severity issues. Customer may also request high priority attention to an issue if it seriously impacts Customer’s business or if Our response time is not satisfactory. 

All issues are closed when a resolution or fix is available to Our Customers. If the Customer is not satisfied with the resolution, the Customer may request that the issue be re-opened. 

In order for Station X to meet the goals stated in Exhibit B, the Customer must submit a support ticket either by (i) submitting a support request using the GenePool Support Portal or (ii) by sending an email to