GenePool® Helps Epic Sciences Develop Insights for Precision Medicine

Scalable cloud-based platform enables Epic Sciences to deliver richer findings to its pharma partners.

San Diego-based Epic Sciences is developing biomarker-driven tests to provide clinically relevant information about how a patient’s cancer changes over time and in response to therapy to guide clinical decisions. From a simple blood draw, Epic Sciences’ no cell left behind® platform technology analyzes approximately six million cells by more than 90 parameters to capture and analyze all possible types of circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

See how Circulogene Theranostics is using GenePool to customize its reporting workflows

Circulogene Theranostics Taps Station X to Power Genomic Data Interpretation for Non-Invasive Liquid Biopsy Services.

For clinicians treating people with cancer, up-to-date actionable information is vital to monitoring a patient’s progress and improving care outcomes. Birmingham, Alabama-based Circulogene Theranostics is on a mission to improve how clinical oncologists monitor and treat cancer using genomic information.


California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute Uses GenePool to Make Big Genomics Data Simple

GenePool Helps the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute Investigate the Role of Mitochondrial DNA Variants in Age-Related Disease.

At the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute (CPMCRI) in San Francisco, California, scientist Gregory Tranah, PhD, is investigating how inherited and acquired alterations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) contribute to the genetics and epidemiology of aging and age-related disease. Central to this work are several large-scale sequencing studies that Dr. Tranah and his colleagues hope will support the development of new medicines or clinical strategies that improve the care of elderly people.